Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 Little Princesses

I was extremely blessed and excited this morning! As you may have read on my other blog, my niece Ibrina can now maintain her body temperature on her own. Which means that she can be held. I had hoped that I would get to hold her (soon) and my chance came this morning. I got to hold her for about 30 minutes. She is perfect. And tiny. And complete. Being the proud Aunt that I am I had to share some pictures :)!

This one is of me holding her...pretty sure she loves me ;)
This one is her sucking her thumb for the 1st time!
Of course you all know the wacky story of how the girls had their girls on the same day! This is my other niece Lailah. She has become quite the big girl! Tristan (big brother) says that she thinks he's pretty funny and laughs alot. And apparently LOVES sticking her tongue out!!
This is Lailah Reese...cracking up!
How blessed are we to have 2 beautiful new baby girls in our family! Please continue to pray for Ibrina's journey, as she continues to grow and hit milestones. And also pray for Lailah. She has not been able to pass her hearing screens (she's had 3 so far). Carrie will be taking her to a specialist later this month...I'll keep you posted!


Jackie said...

How cute! You have one that's so tiny and dainty and adorable. And the other who I just want to pinch her cute cheeks! They're both precious!

Kara said...

Proud auntie Crystal! :) You should be as they both are darling and sooo sweet. The picture of you holding Ibrina is so adorable and you will have to do an exact picture in a couple of weeks to see the growth and her progress. That would be really neat.
You should be proud as they are simply both huge blessings of life to your family. :)