Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Mom

Today marks the 4 year Anniversary of my Mother's death. Just typing those words makes my heart sting a little. I still miss her.

My Mom was born Glenna Marlene Lambert on March 15, 1958. She married my father on July 3, 1976. She had me on March 1, 1978. She has my sisters on March 12, 1980. She was the heart and soul of our family. She loved endlessly.

I learned SO much from her. I learned how to cook and be a wife, a MOM. I learned from her struggles and mistakes. I learned that time is fleeting and nothing is promised. I learned that I HATE CANCER!! I learned to enjoy my kids...because they grow up too fast. I learned that housework and busyness will always be here...but memory making moments will not be. I learned to make my husband feel needed and appreciated. I learned that there is nothing better than popcorn and a movie. I learned that the smell of roast after church on Sunday is Heaven on Earth! She taught me these things by example...She lived these things.

On Friday, February 25, 2005 at 5:15am...I held my Mom's hand and watched her take her last breathe. I held my sisters and cried. I cry now.

I know that she is walking in Paradise with her Creator. She no longer hurts, or fears, or cries. She is healed. I am still broken.

I want to talk to her...I want my kids to know how wonderful she was...I want advice that only a Mother can give...I want to call and gripe to her how unfair this World is...I want her to meet Melissa...I want her to see how beautiful and loving Samantha is becoming...I want her to see Bubba's sweet heart and smile...I want her see how happy and in love I am...

Me, Me, Me.

We are taking our kids to New Mexico today to go skiing & tubing and relaxing. I pray that this will be a time of renewed strength and peace. I long to fill more days with joy through Christ and not things of this World...even Mom's...because they are all fleeting. I celebrate her this day. I miss her this day. And I will probably cry, ALOT, this day. But I find hope in Christ and in the scripture that was put on her headstone:

"To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" 2 Cor 5:8

My Mom is in Heaven, at the feet of Jesus. Blessed is His name!