Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ready, Set, Go.....!

I have been working on painting and decluttering the kids' rooms all week. We replaced pink walls with Water Chestnut walls, (this should help Bubba's masculinity greatly ;)). Replaced captains beds with bunk beds and moved MiMi's toddler bed into the garage (she got one of the captains beds). I've also started painting our room (only the toilet/ tub area of our bathroom is done so far)! What I've learned: I despise painting bathrooms, a 2 year old loves for you to be busy, you CAN forget to eat...and cook dinner (sorry babe), and I LOVE home improvement projects!!

But they will have to be put on hold after today because we are starting marathon weekend at the Bruning's!

Tonight, after the kids get home from school and Good News, we have Skate Night, then Donuts with Dad at 7am, my small group, Bubba's sleepover for his birthday tomorrow night (6 boys, a tent, a campfire and 47degree weather...loving it), a festival and pie competition, church and then the "family" party for Bubs. Did I mention that my husband will be away at XNOW weekend with our Youth during most of this??? Thankfully he got a temporary Leave of Absence for the sleepover (thanks Prater!!) Honestly, I am looking forward to every minute of this weekend! Tons of pictures, memories and tradition will be poured into our family this weekend...what a blessing!

PS: If you could pray for my niece Ibrina, (Sabrina without the S), today. She may have an infection and they are doing a blood transfusion today. Her story and updates are at

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Jackie said...

I'm praying for little Ibrina and her family. I can't leave a comment on her blog with out google username and password though.