Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of School & Kemah

This has been an exciting couple of days at the Bruning house! Mario and I have come to realize how much Little Mario is like him and how much Samantha is like me. Melissa marches to her own drum...poor geese!!!Example?

Here's Samantha in Kemah: (chillaxin' on the Merry-Go-Round...that's Momma's girl, play it safe!)

And here's Little Mario: (on the Bullet Roller Coaster..which he was technically 4 inches too short to ride!!!)

Then there's Melissa: (she wanted to hold one!!)

Of course the biggest thing was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
2nd Grade for Samantha & Kindergarten for Mario!!!

I didn't cry...until I got outside...they are still my babies for goodness sakes!


Jackie said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe that's the same Mario that told me "I have green eyebrows" when he was 2. Time sure does fly!

Kara said...

Ok..your babies are getting big. I was remembering the other day when we came over to your house the very first time in bacliff and the kids were all so little that we all fit around the table(mabye because at the point we each only had 2) and then they watched that Strawberry shortcake movie or maybe the 4th of July where they are all little pre-schoolers. They are getting big but so much fun and great bonding. I am glad we've been able to love on them since they were young. It will be fun as they all grow up together.

Kate Somers said...

Hey! I stumbled onto your blog from Sarah's... Your kids look so grown up with their big ol' backpacks on! Rob and Hannah had their first day of PWS on tuesday. It's lonelier than I thought it would be. The quiet I thought I would enjoy seems somewhat deafening. But being able to get so much done is priceless!