Friday, August 8, 2008


I thought that I would post a little about my youngest daughter Melissa. She turned 2 earlier this summer and has been such a blessing... a blue-eyed, puffy blond-haired, blessing!

She was our "little surprise"! We had Samantha and Mario, a boy and a girl, and thought that our family was complete. As usual, God knew better and gave us MiMi. She is a ball of energy and attitude. I remember my earlier parenting days, my friends would ask me "What do you do when your kids talk back, throw tantrums, etc...", I never had an answer because my kids (Samantha and Mario) never did those things. Now I find myself calling my friends asking for the solution!
There isn't a day that passes that Mario and I don't crack up at something that she does or says (she may have a bit of a potty mouth...Mario ;)). From dancing/ singing Hannah Montana concerts in the evenings with her sister, all out barefoot mud wars with her brother and knock-down-drag-out "incidents" with Elmer the bunny, she makes our lives richer
and happier than we could have ever imagined!


Crystal said...

today we went to the water and00 caught 2 fish

Kara said...

Precious girl. :) I enjoyed our time together today.