Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am so excited about this weekend! Me and a girlfriend are going to Reliant Stadium to see KENNY CHESNEY and KEITH URBAN!!! I have only missed one Kenny concert in the last 6 years. I even waddled up the Woodlands hill, sat on the lawn and sang my heart out to Kenny and Uncle Kracker when I was 9 months pregnant with my last child! A die-hard fan?...maybe just a bit!

More than the concert and singing every song word for word, I am looking forward to having some grown up girl time with a good friend! I'm looking forward to lots of laughs, yards of cold beverages :) and recapturing some of the youthful giddyness that concerts bring.

I used to feel guilty spending time and money on myself to do something without the kids...and I still do to some extent. But not this weekend! It's some well deserved, (and well appreciated) Mommy time!


Kara said...

Watch out Reliant Stadium, here we come! Can't wait and will so have the camera ready for some fun shots for our blog. It could be scarey. :)

Jackie said...

Hey! I just wanted to write a comment since I haven't before. And you should know I check your blog almost daily so you should write more!!! Thanks!

Pete Wilson said...

I'm a huge Urban fan. Brandi and I saw him in concert earlier this year. Amazing.